A Complete Range of Vehicle Services

We specifically target those problem areas that need more attention than what traditional car care services can provide. You can trust the team at Shyn4U to take care of any new or lingering auto restoration needs.

Polished Car Care

To put the shine back in your car, without leaving any unsightly marks, our swirl-free polish system is the perfect solution. We also specialise in a range of auto restoration procedures that improve both the safety and appearance of your vehicle.

Professional Restoration

Our team have a great deal of experience in restoring headlights and taillights to a road worthy standard. If you are having problems with windscreen or window visibility, it is time to call Shyn4U. We also restore paint, leather and fabric. We make your car look sharp both inside and out.

Car Grooming

You feel top of the world after buying the car of your choice, but irregular maintenance gives your vehicle a shabby appearance. How does it feel seeing dirt over the seats and carpets! Even the most expensive car also looks cheap like this. To give your vehicle a proper grooming our Shyn4u team is always ready. Have a look at our car grooming service

  • Interior polish including carpet and mat cleaning
  • Tyres and mud flaps cleaning
  • Exterior shampoo washing
  • Full vacuum
  • Inside and outside window cleaning
  • Rims, alloys and hubcaps cleaning

The Swirl-Free Polish System – Puts the Shine Back in Your Car

Our Swirl Free Polish System is a unique approach to provide your car the maximum shyn. It removes even minor scratches. Often rain, storm creates swirl on your car. While manual cleaning, you may fail to notice it, but prolonged ignorance may damage the look of your car. Our swirl free polishing makes your vehicle looks like the brand new.

Essential Car Protection – Restoring your Headlights and Taillights

UV rays from the sun, other environmental factors, and irregular cleaning makes your headlights and taillights hazy. When you drive at night your car’s headlights direct you, and taillights save your car and other cars from sudden accidents. If these are yellowing, it will be a risk for you to drive at night. Replacing the headlights is expensive. Let the Shyn4u team restore your hazy headlights and taillights with professional cleaning. Our auto restoration and car protection process restores the clarity of it’s worn out lenses and ensure you a safe driving.

Protect Your Car with a Professional Glass and Window Polish

An unclean windscreen of your car gives you a hazy view. It puts your life as well as others’ life in danger, when you drive the car. Keeping your windscreen crystal clear is essential. If grime and dust sits stubbornly the screen, then only auto glass cleaner won’t be enough to wipe it out, you need an expert cleaning service. Just give us a call; our experts will reach you soon. We clean the glass of your windscreen as well as the window. We also provide a long lasting glass protection to ensure the windscreen remains crystal clear for a long time.

Car Protection and Restoration Services – Paint, Leather and Fabric

Your vehicle is one of the most important investments. Don’t you want it to look like fresh out of the showroom! Our professional cleaning procedure provides you exactly that. However, UV radiation, rain, tree sap, industrial fallout can erase the shine from your car and damage its look! To protect its shine our team provides the paint protection. We offer six years of warranty. Our paint protection not just enhances the look of your vehicle, but also protects it from rust and corrosion, which increases its resale value.

Paint protects the outer surface of your car, but what about stains in the interior leather and fabric! Often irregular spilling of coffee and drinks spoils the look of the leather seat. To fix the look of your leather seat we offer leather and fabric protection services. It

  • Protects fabric and leather from spills, stains, and UV rays
  • Restrains fading
  • Maintains your vehicle’s look inside and out
  • Increases its longevity

High Quality Car Care Products

Apart from professional help, we also offer “do it yourself” high quality car care products. The auto cleaning products ensure that shyn never goes out of your car. Our cleaning products are perfect for glass cleaning and tyre care. Our special cleaning product helps your car to maintain a showroom look.