People Flock To Shyn4u Before Buying a Car

When in doubt about buying a car, Kiwis often rush to good old Warren, the life-force behind Shyn4U, Auckland’s premiere car grooming agency, who is also an authority on vehicle safety issues. “Do not go for the new Chinese ‘ute’ called Steed because it is not a safe car’, warned Warren in a serious tone. However, he had enough data under his sleeves that are demonstrated below to prove his point. [Incidentally, ‘ute’ is an abbreviation for ‘utility’ or ‘coupé utility’ – a term used in Australia and New Zealand to describe passenger vehicles with a cargo tray in the rear.]


“In the latest round of crash testing information from the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP), the 4×2 petrol dual-cab steed failed to meet even the basic standards during its crash test achieving a very poor safety rating,” exclaimed the grooming guru.


Why, even New Zealand’s automobile association (AA) motoring services general manager Stella Stocks says if price is a key factor for those looking to buy a ‘ute’, they would be better off buying a second car with better safety rating.


As for safety issues, lower and upper leg injury was likely in a crash due to excessive foot-well deformation, pedal displacement and separation of foot-well panels. In addition, steering column components were a potential source of knee injury for the driver while dash components could injury to both driver and passenger.


According to Warren, manufacturers should do more than just go through the motions of challenging safety. “True”, he agreed that important technology such as electronic stability control and curtain airbags are incorporated in steed, but cabin integrity Is also necessary.

Honda Civic


“On the other hand”, pointed out Warren that top ANCAP results were achieved by the Honda Civic (both sedan and hatch) as also the Hyundai i30.

“Honda and Hyundai are among the brands we expect to produce safe cars and, like many other manufacturers, continue to lift the bar with new models ultimately improving safety outcomes for all of us.”


Earlier in April, the BMW 520d was another to earn five stars, with Stocks saying it achieved high scores for adult and child occupant protection and also pedestrian protection.

However, the session ended with the reminder suggesting the new car should be groomed only by the crew of Shyn4U only and none else.