Getting Rid Of Tree Sap Stains From Car Surface: 6 Steps To A Shiny Exterior

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The challenges of owning a car are endless! From bearing periodic investments on car wash services to expending on repairs, auto part replacements, car polish service and further to car restoration, an owner has to go through it all in order to keep it in good shape. However, one such botheration is the damage caused by tree sap stains, a common occurrence undergone by vehicle owners parking their automotive under a shady tree in anticipation of its sunshade protection. Often such practices backfire, causing one to suffer from tree sap stains damaging a car’s surface.

So the common query among is how to restore the shine of cars and get rid of the gooey red-tinted bumps off your vehicle surface. Today, we take this opportunity to show you a fool-proof way to a glossy exterior, free from the transparent gummy contaminant dripping from a diseased tree.

How Tree Sap Interferes With Your Freshly Painted Car

Prior to jumping into the actual context, let’s take an insight into the problems posed by tree saps. So it all starts when one unknowingly parks its car under pest-infested trees and the sticky pine sap drips onto the surface, bakes under the sun and solidifies into a stubborn substance similar to resins, eating away the paint coating on the exterior. No matter how much you try to rub it off with a solvent or a spray cleaner, it hardly makes any difference!

The Removal Process In 6 Easy Steps

Jotted down here is the best method to removal process, disintegrated into six easy steps for you to understand and implement.

1. Make a list of all the supplies

There are a few supplies that you need to gather before starting off with the process. Take a look at it below:

    • Sponge
    • Rubbing alcohol or a sap remover
    • A towel having a soft fabric
    • Quick detailer polish or a spray wash
    • Water to wash off the dirt
    • Box cutter blade (optional)

Once you collect all of them, move over to the next step.

2. Follow the usual weekly maintenance routine

Like the usual times when you indulge in routine jobs of washing and drying your car, go ahead with the same chore because what appears a weekly job might just help you clean off the stubborn sap marks. However, if your luck doesn’t favour you in this, then move over to the next step.

3. Spot the affected areas

As discussed before, sap spots commonly appear as raised marks, observed on the surface of a vehicle, which gradually hardens into a stubborn patch. Capable of ruining the nicely done paint job some time ago, it also deteriorates the surrounding areas, proving damaging for your prized possession.

4. Apply an appropriate sap remover to the affected regions

This step provides you with choice freedom to pick between an anonymous sap remover solution or rubbing alcohol to get rid of the stains. Once you have decided on it, pour a generous amount onto a washcloth and press it against the sap for 30-60 minutes to let it soak into it. Then, rub it off gently without spreading it around. A quick tip here would be to soak the affected area with more solution until and unless the sap spot softens and finally rub it off manually.

5. Target your windshield

Don’t panic even if you discover the traces of sap on the windshield of your automobile. Use a box cutter blade to remove the hardened bump from the glass. However, to prevent scratches from appearing, make sure that the blade’s placed flat along the windshield. A word of advice would be not to turn on the wipers while it’s still fresh, otherwise, it could leave behind messy streaks on the glass.

6. End it with finishing touches

Congratulations, you have made it to the final stage! Before rejoicing in the glory, spray quick wax not just to clean off the remnants using a detailing cloth, but to safeguard it from future damages.


So you see, it isn’t much complicated as it seems! The key to eliminating sap stains lie in level-headedness and of course, following each and every step cautiously. However, if at any point in time, there’s the slightest doubt, feel free to approach a professional for a car detailing service.