Detailing with a difference



“First of all,” asserted Warren Steel, the life force behind Shyn4U, New Zealand’s premier car detailing enterprise, “we are dedicated to caring and protecting the showroom finish of our customers’ cars like no one else. At the same time, we use detailing products that do not harm the environment. This is detailing with a difference. Surprisingly enough, our customers too make a difference both for their vehicles and the mother earth. Involuntarily, they support our mission.”


“The detailing process that we have perfected through the years,” continued Warren, “entail no harsh detergents, but specially formulated products with ingredients that prolong the life of the paintwork of vehicles we take under our wings.” “For instance, the Auto Shine Car Wash 107 that we use extensively and is made and marketed by our sister-concern Auto Shine Car Care Products Ltd, the country’s #1 manufacturer of car grooming compounds has unparalleled qualities. While removing all traces of dirt and dust, tree sap, bird droppings, road salt and numerous other contaminants that are likely to damage the paintwork, it leaves the protecting top coat intact. As a result, the paintwork remains as fresh as when the vehicle left the showroom.


“Our car detailing services,” argued Warren Steel, “are different from others in the profession too, as we also pay equal attention to areas where others tend to neglect. Incidentally, the newly developed car disc brakes, although far more efficient than the conventional drum brakes, gives rise to accumulation of ‘Brake Dust’, an offensive substance that have a tendency to stick around the trendy alloy wheels of contemporary cars. However, our trained car cleaning team knows all too well how to take care of this awful material with the help of Auto Shine Mag Wheel Cleaner that removes all the muck, bestowing a radiant look tote wheel.


Our Commitment Towards Environmental Sustainability Makes The Difference Too

We know that sustaining the green planet involves educating people and spreading information not only about how to detail a vehicle in a nature friendly way but also in many other ways and means that are outlined below.

  • Insulating homes and offices appropriately, so that lesser electricity and fuel is consumed to provide comfortable living condition.
  • Maintaining correct tire pressure for cars to attain best mileage.
  • Inspecting and checking wheel alignment on regular basis to avoid undue tire wear and engine fatigue.
  • Using Energy Star Marked appliances and devices in homes and offices to reduce consumption
  • Using environment friendly household products
  • Using recycled water for washing and cleaning


We Leave Lesser Carbon Footprint

We work hard to devise and process environment-friendly procedures that have taken professional detailing to unprecedented heights, while the breakthrough has been possible due to our attention being focused on producing stirring results sans disturbing the equilibrium in nature. We feel pride  in achieving best professional detailing service with lesser carbon footprint by way of:

  • By establishing and implementing comprehensive recycling program.
  • By encouraging use of carpools among employees to reduce carbon emissions.
  • By using motion sensors to control idle lighting/heating.
  • By monitoring the same during non-business hours.
  • By introducing e-technologies such as scanners and e-mail to reduce paper work.
  • By way of initiating online purchase of detailing products from suppliers.





Auckland based car grooming service Shyn4U stands apart from many of its peers not only by way of providing impeccable service for its bevy of discernable clients but also for its commitments for nature friendly service conditions. Shyn4U, on one hand uses only eco-friendly grooming products, while stressing on limiting the use of fossil fuel on the other.