Detailing A Stretch Limo Could Be Backbreaking

Till you could use the following tips from Warren steel, head of Shyn4U, Auckland based premiere car grooming service known throughout New Zealand for excellence and superiority, extending well over a decade.


Why it is so daunting?

Apart from the amazing length (30 to 33 ft), the interior of a stretch limo features such an incredible array of luxury items which include high-tech gadgets and sundry thingamabob that detailing the lot seems formidable and frightening for many. What’s more, some of these leviathans (Hummer Limos) use truck tires, needing herculean effort to clean and groom them. No wonder that most of these vehicles easily accommodate 16 or more adults, while the entire interior gets littered with tidbits and scrapping of every conceivable food item after each wedding or other special occasion trip/trips.


Stretch limo detailing tips

Tip 1: Use only the best products – In order to obtain the best result, you need to use the following products that are not only most effective but are nature friendly as well. For example, when you use Auto Shine Car Wash 107 to clean and wash the exterior of a Cadillac Escalade Stretch SUV 20 passenger Limousine, all traces of tree sap, bird droppings, acid rain, road salt and sundry other paint contaminants are fully removed from the body of the vehicle, yet leaving the paint protective coat intact. As a consequence, the stretch limo maintains its original showroom look after every wash, sans hurting the environment.

The same is true about polishing the vehicle with Auto Shine Blue Detox Polish. Apart from giving it a brilliant look, the polish provides adequate UV protection for the stretch limo. Save and except low sunshine states such as Washington and Oregon, UV discoloration is perceived more in TX, CA, AZ and other sun-heavy states. However, this is prevented to a great extent when you polish the stretch limo with Auto Shine Blue Detox Polish.

The Auto Shine polish also protects the stretch limo from minor scratches as a thin layer of wax remains on the surface of the paint, while the wax receives most of the scratches and not the paint. However, both cleaning and polishing (waxing) of the stretch limo have to be performed in the shade and never under a hot sun.


Tip 2: Pay attention interior details – Paying attention to interior of the stretch limo is most important, especially areas where regular brushes can seldom reach. However, professional makeup brushes, skewers, cotton swabs and other ladies’ cosmetic items often prove quite helpful in cleaning areas such as cup holders and designer ashtrays that are installed in most unconceivable spots and at impossible angels. As for cleaning the air conditioning ducts, use canned air pressure.


Tip 3: Do not try to polish the stretch lime all at once – If you want to be successful in detailing a 30 feet long Cadillac Escalade Stretch SUV 20 passenger Limousine, never ever attempt to undertake the job all at once. Rather, select small areas, preferably from the top, till you reach the bottom of the doors, because in that case, the wax would hardly get the chance of drying on the paint surface.



Detailing a stretch limo and a family size SUV spells two different stories. While the former needs leviathan efforts and copious quantity of grooming materials, as compared to what is needed for the SUV, the grooming guru agrees at a singular issue that relates to polishing. Regardless of the mammoth dimension of the limo, he insists on polishing by hand instead of performing the job with the help of machine. In other words, he is dead against machine polishing, despite the labor that is usually needed to achieve the desired effect.