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Cleaning Aluminium Wheels: A Detailed Guide For DIYers

Approaching a professional car care service provider might not always be a feasible option for those running on a tight budget. Such situations often inspire the DIYer in people, encouraging them to shoulder the responsibility of car wash services. However, such initiatives often backfire on them, leaving behind the car wheels all dirty and ungroomed. […]

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Car Wash Services: Exploring The Best Out Of 5 Common Methods

The joys of owning a brand new car are much like an achievement but to retain that thrill of driving a shiny four-wheeler, car wash services are mandatory. With the same segregated into five common divisions, arriving at the best one demands a detailed analysis of each method, learning about their pros and cons and […]

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Getting Rid Of Tree Sap Stains From Car Surface: 6 Steps To A Shiny Exterior

The challenges of owning a car are endless! From bearing periodic investments on car wash services to expending on repairs, auto part replacements, car polish service and further to car restoration, an owner has to go through it all in order to keep it in good shape. However, one such botheration is the damage caused […]

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Winter Motoring Trip Through NZ Has Charm Unsurpassed

If you’re new to New Zealand, planning a winter road trip or driving up to the ski slopes in a rented car, you need to take quite a few precautions that are included in this blog post. Meanwhile, let me remind you that through the spectacular scenery comprising the snow-covered Alps and pristine lakes may […]

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Shyn4U Provides Safety Tips For Motorists When Hit By Earthquake

Jack Sutherland had just pulled up on his driveway, cutting the power of his slick Suzuki Swift when he felt a jolt and the stationary car swung for a second or two, all on its own. Jack immediately knew what had happened. It was an earthquake that had hit Auckland which made him rush out […]

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Don’t forget to take preventive measures

Don’t Forget To Take Preventive Measures – Says Grooming Guru Warren Steel !

Automobile grooming guru Warren Steel, head of Auckland’s premiere car spa Shyn4U warns DIY car care aficionados against using car care products likely to contain hazardous substances that not only affect the health of the user but also prove unsafe for the environment. Why the issue has raised its hurtful head now? It may be wrong […]

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FIFA World Cup qualifier

FIFA World Cup 2018 Qualifiers End in Goalless Draw in Wellington

“It is good to know,” remarked Warren Steel, head of New Zealand’s popular car spa Shyn4U, “that Paper Tiger Peru has failed to beat Oceania Champion New Zealand, even though they had all the opportunities right from the beginning in the first leg of the intercontinental World Cup playoff this week (November, 2017) in Wellington”. […]

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Flood Affected Cars Need Not Be Write Offs, Says Warren Steel

Flooded roads are nothing uncommon in the land of the Kiwis. Many parts of Queensland are flood prone, providing challenging environment for motorists and their vehicles. Friendly Warren Steel, chief of Shyn4U, Auckland’s premiere car detailing agency advises clients whose SUVs have been caught in flood waters. What you are likely to encounter in a […]

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Best Way To Explore The Land Of The Kiwis

“If you have been wondering,” queried versatile car guru and head of Auckland based premiere car grooming agency Shyn4U, about how best to entertain your friend on his first visit to the land of the Kiwis, “I have the right answer”. “Buy him a ticket for New Zealand’s award-winning hop-on, hop-off backpacker bus network to […]

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Detailing A Stretch Limo Could Be Backbreaking

Till you could use the following tips from Warren steel, head of Shyn4U, Auckland based premiere car grooming service known throughout New Zealand for excellence and superiority, extending well over a decade.   Why it is so daunting? Apart from the amazing length (30 to 33 ft), the interior of a stretch limo features such […]

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