Best Car Spa In NZ Provides Anti-Ageing Solution For Your New Holden


As of late, many myths have been debunked by science. Even nursery rhymes for children have undergone dramatic transformation. For instance, the age old “Twinkle, twinkle little star/How I wonder what you are” has now been transformed into”Twinkle, twinkle little star/ Now I know what you are” since science has unfolded many mysteries about the solar system that remained unexplored since long.


Coming down to adults, the human urge to remain ever young (a near impossibility) has also since been given a shot in the arm. UNSW researchers have made a discovery that could lead to a revolutionary drug that actually reverses ageing, improves DNA repair and could even help NASA get its astronauts to Mars in not too distant future.


In a paper published in Science today sometime ago, the team identified a critical step in the molecular process that allows cells to repair damaged DNA and thus ensure everlasting youth, at least for the time being.


Contemporary scientific inventions, argued Warren Steel, head of Shyn4U, leading Auckland based car spa and detailing agency, can also now reverse the ageing process of your new car, thus ensuring its brand new look for long.


Asked to explain by a group of NZ car enthusiasts, Mr. Steel made no bones about unfurling his business secrets about his anti-ageing formula that he applies on cars sent to him for that purpose. However, you might as well hear it from his mouth, as given below.


“To begin with, instead of the mineral rich spring water which is mostly used for bathing the human body in a continental spa, we use Auto Shine Car Wash 107 to clean and wash the vehicle in order to rejuvenate its paintwork.” “This amazing product”, emphasized the car body consultant, “can remove every trace of tree sap, bird droppings, dirt and dust, road salt and acid rain, leaving the body as fresh as a daisy. What’s more, it leaves the highly protective top coat intact, thus prolonging the showroom look of the car forever.


“Instead of using massage which is practiced in human spa for rejuvenating the tired muscles”, added Mr. Steel, “we use Auto Shine Blue Detox Polish to detoxify faint traces of rust and revitalize the physical look of the car. When practiced on regular course, it keeps the new look of a car for days to come. Besides, it protects the paintwork from dust and dirt, rain and sleet and sundry other paint damaging elements.”


“Unlike warm water footbaths provided in spas all over the world to relax tired feet,” commented the grooming guru, “we use Auto Shine Mag Wheel Cleaner that removes all traces of mud and sleet, as also brake  dust residue, leaving the car ever looking brand new.



If you ever wish to prolong the showroom look of your car, your only option is to take it to Shyn4U where they provide anti-ageing solution for cars as a special treat.