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We at Shyn4u are a car detailing specialist, committed to bringing out the glamour in your vehicle through our professional car polishing services. Our trained and highly experienced staff is ready to offer you a mobile car valeting service only to return the showroom shine to your classic car. Achieving a swirl-free and scratch-free exterior will be a ‘dream come true’ with us at your assistance.

We also cater to vehicle restoration services because we believe auto repairs are necessary for a safe ride. Services such as paintless dent removal, headlight restoration, radiator repair, window repair, windscreen repair, car window replacement, auto glass repair are what you can expect from the auto wreckers at Shyn4u.

We extend our services in New Zealand, specifically in Auckland, Mayfair, Hastings, Onekawa and Napier.

Sometimes busy schedules deprive us from taking care of our own cars properly. This is where auto care services come as a relief.

We can save your valuable time, whereas your car will receive the desired attention, while you enjoy your weekends at home. Take a look at our car grooming services:

  • Carpet/ Mat tidying
  • Shampooing car’s interior and exterior
  • Vacuuming automobile’s interior
  • Window cleaning

Availing car grooming services from us can also take you one-step closer to potential buyers. Succinctly, we are the most recognised grooming brand in Auckland, Mayfair, Hastings, Onekawa and Napier.

Swirls or minor scratches on your car’s paintwork are a plausible cause of weathering or incorrect use of sponge at the time of manual washing. These are clearly visible in dark-coloured vehicles or when cars are placed under the sun. The damages look minor at the beginning but the same thing might ruin the overall look of your car. That is why Shyn4u has included ‘Swirl Free Polishing’ in its list of services. We promise to enhance the surface gloss of your car and return its former charm.

Cloudy or yellowed headlights and taillights might cause serious accidents at night or in locations that have poor visibility conditions. To prevent such a mishap, Shyn4u offers its headlight and taillight restoration services at a cost much lower than lens replacement expense. You can expect the following set of services from Shyn4u:

1. Professional cleaning of yellowed headlights and taillights, to turn them into a new condition 2. Fix up the deeper discolouration and scratches 3. Restore clarity 4. Prevent future stains from ruining its clarity

Dirt, bird droppings, grime and fingerprints tend to stick to windscreen and windows of cars, impairing the overall visibility. Moreover, a side window is an integral part of a vehicle’s structure. Cleaning it with an auto glass cleaner will never be sufficient. This is exactly why you will require the aid of a professional car cleaner like Shyn4u, to wipe off the stubborn dirt and leave a crystal clear view.

Leather and fabric protection services of Shyn4u will definitely leave your car interiors prim and proper. Our team of experts are here to:

  • Clean up the unsightly stains, dirt and grease from the leather seats and carpets
  • Promise a long-lasting protection
  • Prevent the fabrics and leather seats from fading

Our automotive paint protection services have been designed to remove all the rust and corrosion from your car and bring back that showroom shine to it.

Approaching a car detailing specialist every time might not be feasible for you. This is when you might go for a DIY (Do It Yourself) car wash. To help you out in such instances, Shyn4u presents its premium quality auto care products. These are perfect for tyre care and glass cleaning to leave your vehicle immaculately clean.

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